Katie Dinnage is a current student of BA Photography at the University of the West of England. She has experience with a large range of equipment, and very focused and motivated in her passion of photography and the arts. She has gained first hand knowledge through assisting the local photographer Steve Lee and as a model for her fellow peers.

Artist Statement

Emotions in images are what is central to my work. What does it make you feel or think. Does it take you back to a time long forgotten or does it just make you feel uncomfortable. I am very interested my images to be a catalyst to these thoughts, engaging them with my art. 

I look both outward and inward. Out to the people around me, meeting new characters, building up a picture of their lives. Also in to me: to discover and accept my past, present and future. 

Some of my subject matter is about people's daily routines and a comment on human nature. The little quirky habits of people that get smothered with the daily traffic. Or questioning why we do certain things. Why do you have to do that but not me. Why can they do that but not us. 

Recently, I have been looking inward, making myself the subject of my investigation. Attempting to interpret my complex emotions and attitudes through my images; exploring identity and sexuality and mental health. I deal with questions such as: what makes me me? What brought me to where I am now? Am I alone in feeling this?

I am not limited on how to produce my work. It may be photographic, or illustration. Film or painting. Digital or screen print. Online or book. The mediums demonstrate what I'm attempting to represent.

Using Format